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Privacy Policy

1. General statement about the purposes of data processing

The main reason we process personal data is to fulfil our contractual obligations towards our users. The processing of data is required, for example, for us to be able to suggest suitable services and information to you.

2. Information you provide to us

This refers to data we obtain from you directly and information you publish and send on Invest-trade.org such as:

  • Login details (e.g. email and password)
  • Profile information (phone number)

3. Information we obtain about you from other sources

Some information about you that we process does not come directly from you. This might be the case, for example, if a user shares this information with us or we obtain it from other sources.

4. Who may receive information about you?

You can find out here who we disclose data to, what purpose this serves, and how you can customise your privacy settings on Invest Trade. By the way, we only ever pass your personal data on to third parties when:

  • You have granted your consent (e.g. for use of an external application)
  • We are obliged to do so on legal grounds, by court order, or at the request of another official authority.